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» » How to Capture ToolTips or Alt Property of an Image Through QTP

I was in a project where there was a peculiar requirement to capture tool tips through script. I got several request also to write a code which will capture the tool tips. I tried with Google!! I got a very nice thread of motevich. I found this is a great solution. This also solves the problem of capturing the alt property of the Image.Here is a solution for capturing Tooltips of image.Even in my project I have used this code only.

Dim descImage, listImages, attrAltText, attrSrcText

Browser("Main Page - Wikipedia,").Sync
Browser("Main Page - Wikipedia,").Page("Main Page - Wikipedia,").Sync

' Create description for all images on a Web page.
' For that we use "html tag" property and its value "IMG"
Set descImage = Description.Create
descImage("html tag").value = "IMG"

' Get all images which match the above description
Set listImages = Browser("Main Page - Wikipedia,").Page("Main Page - Wikipedia,").ChildObjects(descImage)

' Check tool tips of images
For i = 0 To listImages.Count - 1
attrAltText = listImages(i).GetROProperty("alt")
attrSrcText = listImages(i).GetROProperty("src")

If attrAltText <> "" Then
MsgBox "Image src: " & attrSrcText & vbNewLine & "Tool tip: " & attrAltText
End If

This code is taken from the below written blog.
Credit goes to the owner of this can refer this blog for further query.

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