What are the use of Recovery Scenario in QTP

March 12, 2009

Recovery Scenario is one integrated option for QTP professional. Any unwanted behavior of the application which can not be handled by coding can be handled by Recovery scenario.It is best and effective when we go to uninterrupted run and night mode execution.
The Recovery manager can handle the below written failures by recovery Wizard. Post creating a recovery we need to attach the recovery to the test.

  • Trigger Event: Options are:

1. pop Window
2. object State
3. Test run error
4. Application crash

  • Specify the recovery operation
  • Define post recovery operations:Options are:
1. Repeat the current step and continue
2. Proceed to next step
3. Proceed to next iteration
4. Proceed to next component iteration 
5. Restart the current test
6. Stop the test run

We need to provide the name and description for recovery scenario. Also we need to mention if the recovery is for entire test or specific to the action. However we can create a general recovery scenario for our test.

Recoveries can be enabled, disabled, added or deleted via recovery tab under test settings.

Step level Recovery: The recovery will be activated after every step.
Error level Recovery: The recovery will be activated after it encounters an error.
If we select option "Never",recovery will not be activated.

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