Where Checkpoint Information is Kept in QTP

November 07, 2009

image credit www.us.bureauveritas.com
 Today I was writting an article on GetROProperty and SetToProperty .In this connection While checking checkpoint in details to give you more information on this.I came to know a beautiful information about storing Checkpoint info in QTP
QTP stores the checkpoint information in the Action's resource.mtr location which is located in the test script directory (/Action#/resource.mtr, where Action# is the action
containing the checkpoint).
If your checkpoint is in ActionX{x may be 1,2,3,...N} of the test script MyTest,
the path would be "MyTest/ActionX/resource.mtr".

The checkpoint information is stored in binary form. It is better if we do not alter/ manipulate these files.But if you are comfortable with this you can alter and use according to your need.

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