Code to read data from excel through QTP

November 07, 2009

Code to read data from excel through QTP

1st method:
datatable.importsheet "path of the excel file.xls",source sheetID,desination sheetID
n = datatable.getsheet("desination sheetname").getrowcount
for i = 1 to n
columnname = datatable.getsheet("destination sheetname").getparameter(i).name
if colunmname = knowncolumnname then
value = datatable.getsheet(destinationsheetname).getparameter(i)
end if
The more fine tuned way to code.....

2nd method:
set objexcel = createobject("excel.application")
Set objWorkbook = objExcel.WorkBooks.Open("path of the file.xls")
Set objDriverSheet = objWorkbook.Worksheets("name of the sheet")
columncount = objDriverSheet.usedrange.columns.count
rowcount = objDriverSheet.usedrange.rows.count
for i = 1 to colunmcount
columnname = objDriversheet.cells(i,1)
if columnname = knowncolumnname then
for j = 1 to rowcount
fieldvalue = objdriversheet.cells(j,i)
end if

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