list of Books for ISTQB

November 26, 2009

[Beizer, 1990] Beizer, B. (1990) Software Testing Techniques (2nd edition), Van Nostrand Reinhold: Boston

[Black, 2001] Black, R. (2001) Managing the Testing Process (2nd edition), John Wiley & Sons: New York

[Buwalda, 2001] Buwalda, H. et al. (2001) Integrated Test Design and Automation, Addison Wesley: Reading, MA

[Copeland, 2004] Copeland, L. (2004) A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design, Artech House: Norwood, MA

[Craig, 2002] Craig, Rick D. and Jaskiel, Stefan P. (2002) Systematic Software Testing, Artech House: Norwood, MA

[Fewster, 1999] Fewster, M. and Graham, D. (1999) Software Test Automation, Addison Wesley: Reading, MA

[Gilb, 1993]: Gilb, Tom and Graham, Dorothy (1993) Software Inspection, Addison Wesley: Reading, MA

[Hetzel, 1988] Hetzel, W. (1988) Complete Guide to Software Testing, QED: Wellesley, MA

[Kaner, 2002] Kaner, C., Bach, J. and Pettticord, B. (2002) Lessons Learned in Software Testing, John Wiley & Sons:

[Myers 1979] Myers, Glenford J. (1979) The Art of Software Testing, John Wiley & Sons:

[van Veenendaal, 2004] van Veenendaal, E. (ed.) (2004) The Testing Practitioner (Chapters 6, 8, 10), UTN Publishers: The Netherlands

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