ISTQB sample question paper-41

June 13, 2010

1.which test requires the execution of the software component?
a. Fomal Inspection
b. Dynamic testing
c. Code walkthrough
d. Execution Testing


2. What would USALLY have a set of input values and execution conditions?
a.Test basis
b.Test case
c.Test objective
d.Test control


3.  For Software to be realiable it must:
a.Be easy maintain
b.Be unlikely to cause a failure
c.Never fail under any circumstances
d.Be written according to coding standard


4. Which of the following is not a characteristic of UAT?
a. Use of automated test executin tools
b. Testing performed by users
c. Testing against acceptance test criteria
d. Integration of systm with user documentation.


5.Regression Testing always involves
a.Testing whether a known software fault been fixed
b.Execution a large number of different tests
c.Testing whether modifications have introduced adverse side effects
d.It is not possibe to test against suchevents prior to release


6. To make a test effective it is most important:
a. It is easy to execute
b. It is designed to designed to detect faults if present
c. The expected outcomes is specified before execution
d. it is unlikely to delay progress


7. The incremental model of software development is
a. A resonable approach when requirements are well defined
b. A good approach when a working core product is required quickly
c. The best approach to use for projects with large debvelopment teams
d. A revolutionary model that is not used for commercial products


8. Which is not the part od performance testing
a. Maasuring response time
b. Measuring transaction rates
c. Recovery testing
d. simulating many users
e. Generating many transaction

Ans- c

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