How To Use XML Checkpoint In QTP

September 17, 2010

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XML Checkpoint:
This is a kind of check point where test engineers checks for the content of XML.XML-extensible mark of Language is such language which is used to transfer data in web applications in Internet.

Advantages of XML:

  • It is compatible for all network
  • Secure from all network attacks(Noise & Distortion)
  • Independent of distance time
  • Connection and data transfer with Multiple languages is possible

How to Configure:

XML Check point (from Application)
It checks content of the XML file.
Under Recording mode in web environment > insert menu > checkpoint (from application)> show the xml pages >click ok > stop Recording.
XML Check point (from Resource)
It checks content of the XML file.
Navigation: Insert menu > checkpoint >xml checkpoint (from resource) > browse path of the XML File > click ok > click ok.

 If XML file is an individual and path available, and then we can go for inserting xml checkpoint from resource or if XML file is part of web application, separate path is not available then we can choose inserting XML checkpoints from application.

Using XML Check point we can check whether the values entered in the webpage (content) are covered into XML File. 

You can check out this link to know how the checkpoint info is saved in QTP

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