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» » » How to design folder structure for Modular driven framework

How a modular driven framework should look like?
I am going to describe a general idea about the folder structure of module driven framework.


Folder Name Purpose
Root name should be the project Name or the client name what every is good to identify.
Common Here we will be placing all the common functions,common objects,Common Recoveries
------------Function Library This is the place where we will be placing all the common functions.Its extension will be .VBS
------------Initialization file This file will be placed under common folder and is required to save values during run time or to start a script. the extension can be .txt,.csv,.vbs
------------Recovery Scenario This is file where all the recovery specific to all modules can be defined. Ideally all known problems should be handled by code but this is a theoretical folder to have…Extension-.qrs,.xml
Modules All the modules and specific to modules cases will be kept here. Say i have a Module called customer
now under customer there can different functionalities…
1. Customer Registration
2. Customer Verification
3. Customer Activation
4. Customer Termination etc
----------- Object Repository This is a folder where module Specific repositories will be kept. Extension-.xml,.mtr….This Objects may be removed after use
----------- Script This is a folder where module Specific scripts will be kept. .vbs will be the extension
----------- Datatable This is a folder where module Specific Data tables will be kept. The initial of the data table will be the first two or three letters of the module.
like-CR-datatable.xls(used for Customer Registration)
----------- Module Specific Recovery This is file where all the recovery specific to a module can be defined. Ideally all known problems should be handled by code but this is a theoretical folder to have…Extension-.qrs,.xml
Master Driver This is the folder where all your main script,datatable,Object repository related to Master driver will stay
------------------Master Driver Script This is the Folder where the main driver will be kept
------------------Sequence File This file talks about the running sequence of master driver.Say you have 7 scenarios and you want to execute 3 of them ….Sequence file is the key to configure that.Please don’t be confuse with keyword driven framework's sequence file
------------------Datatable-Main This is a folder where Data tables will be kept. This datatable talks about the child scripts information and calling rules(say input,output)
------------------Object Repository This folder contains the most common objects required to run the script.Please remember this will not be removed any point of time during the execution
------------------Recovery Over all recovery and finally statement is written here
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