What are the advantages and disadvantages of having Object Repository?

September 22, 2011



The advantages of having an OR

  • Sync with GUI front end of the application.
  • Highlight capability makes easier to Cross check.
  • During it is very easy to identify which object gets changed.
  • If it stores with logical name of the object,it is extremely easy to maintain the OR file.
  • Scripts are untouched if the object property gets changed.we need to check the OR file that’s it!!
  • Modern scripting tools allows to modify the OR file separately.

The disadvantages having an OR:

  • you need to check out the file size. Please read here for more details
  • Object conflict may occur when adding individual OR files.
  • Sometimes extra objects get added and it makes the OR file heavy in size.
  • The OR files are private to the scripts.So concurrent update to the file is not possible
  • It became overhead while developing large projects.
  • Even though i like to use OR..but i can not say descriptive programming is not required. Can you???
  • There are many a things which can not be recorded. like-Sub Menu,Objects changing its position

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