IIT-Hyderabad Makes a Hindi SMS Speaking Software

January 22, 2012

The IIT -Hyderabad students and one famous mobile company made it easy for the Hindi speaking busy or uneducated people who are unable to read SMSs sent by anybody.
Most of the time SMSs offers are missed due to this problem.
Ofcourse this will primarily help unlettered and semi literate persons, and eventually become a fun for all the user.

The process is very simple and easy to operate.If somebody opens a message inbox, immediately after opening a message it will start reading the message. Isn't it very cool???

This project is done in IIT-Hyderabad Lab with a collaboration with the leading Handset maker. So far I understood this is in beta mode and people are evaluating  this.
The other projects currently IIT Hyderabad have--
1.Re design of path-breaking software
2.Optical character reader with hand writing recognition.
3. Speech command for mobile.

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