What is an agenda? What are the characteristics of a well constructed agenda?

March 21, 2012

What is an agenda? What are the characteristics of a well constructed agenda?

The agenda is a tool that gives a brief view of the called meeting,creates one framework and making meeting effective.
An agenda is called docket also.
why an agenda is required??
It gives a clear picture about the meeting and helps the participants bring required documents,information, statistics etc
It also gives the tentative outline of the topics and times allocated for that,Few of old office mates uses this agenda as a check list for a meeting.

Rules for Creating agenda:
1. Check out the suitable timings by checking the calender.
2. Book the calender by sending a Meeting request.
3. The meeting request may contain the specific topics(agenda)
4. Few members like to check the timings of the topics...so if possible give a tentative timings fopr each topic.
5. Any change on the meeting needs to be updated atleast by an email.

The characteristics of a good agenda:-
1. The names of expected attendees.
2. The exact place date.
3. The starttime for starting the meeting.
4. Rough indication of the meeting next time.
5. The time expected to be end.
6. Objective of the meeting.
7. Issues discussed and resolved.
8. Action will taken.

1. Agenda-setting research deals with the importance or salience of public issues.2. A public issue is seen as a rather broad, abstract, content-free topic domain, devoid of controversy or contending forces.3. Agenda-setting studies have a twin focus on media content and audience perception: both measuring the amount and time devoted to a certain issue by mass media and the amount of public attention to that issue are integral components of agenda-setting research4. Agenda setting is characterized by some desire to deal with a range of issues rank-ordered into an agenda.5. Agenda setting is proposed as an effect of specific media content or trends in that content, not a general effect of watching television or reading newspapers or newsmagazines---wiki

The layout of agenda could be--
1. Welcome greetings
2. Checking the presence
3. Tailor made agenda based on agenda
4. flashback of last meeting
5. Meeting
6. QA
7. Closing greetings
8. Minutes of the meeting

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