A Checklist of Do and Don't While Sending and Receiving Emails.

April 10, 2012

Prepare a checklist of do and don't while sending and receiving emails. This is what I have learned during my small and short professional career.


1) Give a subject line which is relevant to the mail.
2) Make the email small,brief and to the point.
3) Your language must be minded, once the mail is sent, it is sent.You don't know where it is going.
4) Use small letter. Please avoid using CAPS.
5) Try to close or conclude while sending emails.
6) Look out for correct grammar.
7) Give a personal touch.salutation and closing must be there.
8) Correct the format.
9) Carefully attached the attachment.
10)  Correct the length
11) Specify who should respond on getting the email.
12) Double check for the email or web link if you are giving inside email.
13) Use correct color template for mass email.
14) Use proper template for mass mailing.
15) Check twice.


1) Don't use the shortcuts which is not used widely.
2) Make the email brief but don't miss the original context.
3) don't send such mail where attachment is not welcomed.
4) don't to mistake in grammar and don't mistake in spelling.
5) don't slap on others with email.
6) don't express angry out burst.
7) Don't hide under the mail.if something needs to be discussed face to face.
8) It is not a good option for sending sensitive information.
9) Please make some correct cc(carbon copy)
10) Do not put lot of things into a single email.
11) Don't try to put images as a back ground
12) Please don't send chain emails,junk or virus.
13) Don't insert big images.

Prepare a checklist of do and don't while Receiving emails.

1. Respond as soon as possible.
2. If you don't know a thing.... ask. Need any clarification ...ask!!!
3. Read the mails carefully.
4. Try to use proper classification.
5. Double check for the email or weblink if you are giving inside email.
6. Check twice.

1. Don't try- to make any assumption the sender's emotional state.
2. Don't discuss a conflict over email.
3. Don't refer wrong languages like- I need a female
4. Don't try to put images as a back ground
5. Don't forward chain emails,junk or virus.

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