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How to Create a New Application in ADF

The main advantages of ADF is that it creates a lot of files and folder itself and it takes care of itself. JDeveloper organizes those quickly and accurately. Read more http://www.askqtp.com/2012/04/adf-framework-and-jdeveloper-are.html
Now what is an Application?
An application is an bucket which holds all necessary files for a project. Let us see how to create a new application in ADF via JDeveloper.
Step-1. Click on File--->New
Step-2. Select Application from general categories. We can see different applications right side pane.
Step-3 Different types of applications can be produced by JDeveloper.
  • Generic Application: Single application contains single project.all projects created using other framework and tool , falls under this category.
  • Application through EAR: Single application, Projects from Enterprise Application Archive .
  • Application Template: This is not exactly an application but a template. Later part of time this template can be used for any other application.
  • Fusion Web Application(ADF):  An application which is data driven based on ADFbc-ADF Business component or ADF faces
  • Java Desktop Application:  An application based on java swing and bean.
  • Java Desktop Application(ADF):  An application based on java swing having rich client application.It is having one project for client one for ADF model.
  • Java EE Web Application:  Creates data bound web application based on JSF,EJB,JPA etc.
In this post I will create a Fusion Web Application.
so select Fusion Web Application(ADF) and click OK.
Step-4 Provide application Name and you can provide application directory. Click on Next.
Step-5 Select template if you want to use wizard based project.Click Next.
Step-6 select default package source root and output directory. Click on next
Step-7 same for view controller click on finish.
Now we have created a new application for our project.

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