"Keep your cool". What does this mean in terms of conversation control?

April 09, 2012

 "Keep your cool". What does this mean in terms of conversation control?

 The set of words "keep your cool" means a lot in terms of conversation control.So Ting-toomey gave a set of tips to keep one's cool.

    Focus on what they say.
    Learn to accept what is said.
    Develop a belief that verbal messages and feedback are powerful and effective.
    Understand that self-affirmation and individuality are important to North American.
    Be aware everybody should be created equally.
    North American's value in direct tail.
    Being assertive is valued in the US culture and no is called also in assertive way.
    learn not to ask personal questions,they can be offensive and insulting.
    North American like to express their opinions openly.
    Always try to nullify the callers problem with quick action.

What impact such abusive happenings on the telephone may have on the employees and the business.
In the earlier days such calls created dissatisfaction among employees and when the employee took action(like-recording of the voice/talked roughly/dropped the phone),the company lost their client.That was a huge potential loss to the company.
                          Nowadays the frequency of such calls are increasing day by day.And we are ready to face such calls.The agents are requested to keep their cool and try to understand why such calls coming.If it is only a abusive call then try to nullify the call or try to take the cause of the problem.However now a days the agents are ready to face such calls but their is no question of being kicked of loosing a customer

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