IBM,Oracle and Infosys Offers Six Elective Courses for Upcoming Engineers

September 26, 2012

Most of passed out engineers like me feels that they are good at core skills and programming languages but lack of communication skills. Yeah true ...most of us having this problem. Another set of students have different problem like they passed out engineering but lacks of industry experience.

I know that most of students (I must say engineers) who do not secure position though campus placement  go to private training institutes to learn more on an industry needed subjects.It helps them to become at per industry ready or you can say these training becomes handy o join IT industry.

Now there is a good news for all engineering students. IBM,Oracle and Infosys Offers Six Elective Courses for Upcoming Engineers. These are elective papers and for enthusiastic engineers who want to venture more.

  • DB2
  • RAD
  • Tivoli
  • Cloud Computing
  • Oracle inventory
  • Oracle advanced
  • Business communication skills

However these courses are not offered to all the students but based on need.lets see when these are available in all colleges,but surely this initiative helps booming engineers at per industry need.

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