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» » » Introduction to VBE-Visual Basic Editor

Visual Basic Editor:
I have given a simple introduction regarding the VBA Macro stuff. Now it’s time to see a less visible environment commonly working in background called VBE(Visual Basic Editor).This is attached to a workbook even if no code is there. Both the platform work together. It is something like ---Workbook is for new or non programming user and VBE is for advanced user.

How to open VBE:
 A fast and easy way to get into the Visual Basic Editor is to press Alt+F11 on your keyboard. Alternatively you can go to view-->Macro--->Edit Macro to get the editor

Inside of a VBE:
The editor will look like---

If you go to View then you can hide or unhide all the property panes. 

Few things to remember---
  • Double clicking on the project explorer and module will show you the code.
  • Click on insert tab and click on ass module will create a new module and code pane 
  • By default the modules will be named as Module1,Module2...ModuleN but you can change the name by selecting one module and the option will be available on Property Window
  • For deletion of a module ..just right click on a module-->remove module Name

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