Bump A Great Tool to Communicate Between Devices to Transfer Image or Contacts

November 30, 2012

In today's speedy life, interaction between devices are very necessary. The existing technology is more complicated and time consuming. Even the Bluetooth technology is bit older. To share photo,contacts people were searching for shortcut to get rid of old Bluetooth technology.

To address this problem Bump has come up with a solution. Bump's mission is to solve real problem that people have in their lives by making connection device to device as simple as possible.

check out here for more details--http://bu.mp/company/

Initially bump is targeting Apple's iPhone and all android base phones.Now they have come up with Bump for PC as well. So with single bump smartphone users can transfer images bidirectionally from phone to PC and PC to phone.

Check out these cool video to check how it works

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Try bump and let me know how it works for you.

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