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How to Transfer of Electricity Connection to Your Name in Hyderabad

How to Transfer of Electricity Connection to Your Name?? This question is very common between all of us.
I googled a bit found the below written

Transfer Electricity Meter in Your Name without paying any bribe.  This is good suggestion with respect to Bangalore.

But with respect to Hyderabad..let me tell you what do you require actually...

Things you require...

  1. Sale's deed 
  2. Last 2 month's electricity bill(Latest will be required) 
  3. Passport size photograph-4 (2 is required) 
  4. One Signature from Builder on top section ("Signature of Transferor") on Transfer Form (which can be downloaded from http://www.apcentralpower.com/LeftMenu/Downloads/transfer_application_form.htm ). 
  5. If you and your relative or spouse jointly buying then NOC Certificate from your spouse/relative on a 20/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper is required 
Process you need to Follow:
  1. In Hyderabad eSeva service is very good. Even online service is there . I prefer eSeva. Please pay the current outstanding( current month bill). Still the bill will be on builder's name . Collect the receipt from eSeva. Alternatively you can get the same from builder.(In second case you are really lucky...:) ) 
  2. Now its time for you to prepare for the proof. So in a A4 paper please xerox bill and payment receipt.(2 copies) 
  3. Find out a Gazetted officer from Hyderabad. If you don't find any, go to power office or Miyapur court , You can get many Notary shops to help you out. 
  4. All the pages (front and backside) of the sale's deed and payment proof should be signed by officer. 
  5. Check the ERO Code on your Bill and find out the office.
  6. Xerox all the documents(1-2 copies) 
  7. From this office you need to take a chalan.. attested copies, Builder' signed-TransferForm & 2 Passport Photographs need to be submitted. 
  8. Now they will provide you a form.Please fill this form . 
  9. After checking all these details , a picture will be taken with their cam. 
You are good to go. Now bill will be in your name!!!!.
Image Credit: guardian.co.uk
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