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» » » » How To Run Your Java Tomcat Application For Free On OpenShift

Red Hat launches Openshift a free cloud computing platform as a service. There is another version available called Openshift Enterprise for Private cloud. 

The software that runs the service is open-sourced under the name OpenShift Origin, and is available on GitHub.

Openshift Supported Languages:
  •     Node.js
  •     Ruby
  •     Python
  •     PHP
  •     Perl
  •     Java

Openshift Supported Databases:
  •     MySQL
  •     PostgresSQL
  •     MongoDB
OpenShift supports web-application frameworks by supporting each language's preferred web-integration API, with no required changes to the actual framework code.

  •     Rack for Ruby
  •     WSGI for Python
  •     PSGI for Perl

Some frameworks that work unmodified on OpenShift include:
  •     CodeIgniter
  •     CakePHP
  •     Ruby on Rails
  •     Django
  •     Perl Dancer
  •     Flask
  •     Sinatra
  •     Tornado

How to start?

Read more here.
Develop and Scale Apps in the Cloud
OpenShift is Red Hat's free, auto-scaling Platform as a Service (PaaS) for applications. As an application platform in the cloud, OpenShift manages the stack so you can focus on your code. Click here to read more 

Here is a cool video to work with Openshift

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Please share if you like it. Also let me know the approach of RedHat.

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