The Lumapad Is A Programmable Open Source , High-Intensity Spotlight For Photographers And Hobbyists

February 12, 2013

Light and intensity of light are pain areas for the photographers.Even finding light and controlling it also harder.Good News for the photography lover,Camera experts and photography hobbyists.

Lumapad came up with programmable lamp that can hit up to 8000 lumens. You can control it from USB or wifi.

This light can be used for a big event like DJ events,hence can be controlled by remote.

Let us check out one video

Every Lumapad is controlled by a Arduino compatible ATmega 328P micro computer and is pin for pin compatible with most other open source Arduino boards on the market. The control board is based on the Arduino Pro Mini 328 from Sparkfun.

 Use the standard Lumapad firmware or write your own to do interesting things with this ultra bright light panel. Programmable push buttons, LEDs, I/O pins, FTDI Basic USB connector (compatible with the Sparkfun FTDI Basic Breakout Board) and other features make experimenting easy with the Lumapad. If you purchase a Lumapad without the Electric IMP WiFI card installed, you can always purchase it from Sparkfun here.

Let us check out a video demo on this.

The features are :

  • Ultra Bright 8000 lumen output via 32 individual CREE LEDs.
  • 6400 Kelvin color temperature.
  • Bright Day light feature
  • Dual color temperature LEDs available (6400K / 3200K 16 per channel).
  • WiFi enabled via the Electric IMP SD card module.
  • Open source programmable Arduino (Atmel) compatible micro controller.
  • Dual channel PWM dimming circuits with an additional analog dimmer.
  • Up, Down and Mode buttons are user programmable.
  • Adjustable light stand mount included.
  • Draws only 88 watts at full power.
  • Fan and temperature control circuitry built in.
  • 6 3/4 inches (171mm) L X 4 1/2 inches (114mm) H X 1 inch (25mm) W
  • 120 / 240 VAC Power adapter (USA, EU, UK, Asia and everywhere else)
  • Lower cost 16 LED, 4000 Lumen model will also be available.
  • Can be powered by standard 12 - 24 Volt DC battery packs too!

One more cool video demo on this
What is IMP?
IMP is a software that is written in squirrel, a c like language which can communicate with hardware interface. This language runs on top of the OS.

Check out here for a simulated fire..

Current Lumapad Modes available:

  • ON / OFF with brightness control
  • color temperature adjust (dual LED version only)
  • Stealth mode (turns fan off for silent running)
  • Strobe Light with adjustable flash rate
  • Simulated Fire
  • Simulated Lightning

The other Applications which can be done--
  • Studio Lighting
  • Stage Effects
  • Soft Box
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Workspace Lighting
  • Architectural Accent
  • Portable illumination
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Open Source
  • DIY Custom Lighting

Ref: Kickstarter project

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