New QTP Addins For Multi-Browsing,Mobile and Multi-Platform Testing

March 06, 2013

As per the report of Automation Samurai,they have come up with add ins which will help QTP to support all major browsers like-Firefox,Safari,Chrome,Opera. It will support iPhone,iPad and Android mobile devices. The beauty of that add ins that it can drive QTP scripts over Safari on MAC!!!

This will support old QTP scripts over all mobile devices and browsers with few basic click but no change in code.

Few advantages:

  • No additional programming skills are required to use  Add-in because all you need to know is QTP itself.
  • It allows you to get all benefits of Selenium technology without getting into complexity of learning other programming languages.
  • You have a choice to run your QTP scripts locally or through Sauce Labs cloud (you have a 200 minutes free to try it out)
  • No hassle running QTP scripts remotely on major platforms - no need for additional QTP license.
  • These Add-in will not change original scripts.


You can download the addin here for free.

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