JSoup A Nice Initiative To Fetch Information From HTML

July 05, 2013

Last few days I was trying to get data from a HTML page which is very much dynamic in nature.
In another words I need a good HTML parser to read HTML file.

I tried with few readily available solution. And I am happy to say that among all the solution JSOUP is quite satisfactory.

Let me tell what is good for this..
  • it is a java library that can be easily attached to leading Java editor(I tried with JDeveloper and Eclipse)
  • It can used to fetch and manipulate HTML data.
  • Very useful for the report analysis.
  • It can find the exact data with very easy steps.
  • Very minimal code is required.
  • Useful for structured and unstructured HTML.
  • It is open source and the code is available in Github
The jar can be downloaded from here

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