What is the defference between driver.navigate().refresh() and pressing F5?

December 22, 2013

I was going through a forum and found one of my mate tried to refresh a page after doing some operation in web. He used..

But this code was failing while running the code. I was googling for a suggestion or help and finally found one solution in stackoverflow..

Being interested , I observed all the possible causes and agreed the discussion there. The summary I found is as below:
It's not exactly equivalent to pressing F5 though. driver.navigate().refresh() in its request header says "no-cache" and, as a result, unconditionally reloads all content. Whereas pressing F5 could result in a "If-Modified-Since" request, that could get a "304 Not Modified" response.
Wow that is what I was looking for. Since this page is based on ajax so F5 was not working there. When I have used

It worked like a boom.
Also for pressing F5, we have one more option..

Actions actionObject = new Actions(driver);

Hope that helps.

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