How to Change Blue Success balls To Green in Jenkins

May 16, 2017

As the green is synonyms of success in software development and testing world, we like to see the green as passed builds. The out of the box Jenkins setup is having a blue ball that represents the Pass. Here is a step by step guide to change the blue ball to green ball of success.

Step-1 : Download the greenball plugins from jenkin's plugin download section. Link- Then click on the archive link.It will lists all the versions of the plugin.Click on the latest. It will be downloaded as greeball.hpi.
Step-2 : start jenkins. Once it is available open jenkins
Step-3 : Go to Manage Jenkins.
Step-4 : Click on Manage Plugins.

Step-5 : Go to advanced tab

step-6 : Go to upload plugins section

step-7 : Click on browse and select greenball.hpi
Step-8 : Click on Upload.
step-9 : Once done. Restart Jenkins
Step-10 : Done .Now you can see all blue balls got replaced by green balls.
Just to make double sure:
Step-1 : Go to Manage Jenkins.
Step-2 : Click on Manage Plugins.
Step-3 : Go to Installed tab
Step-4 : You can see green plug in is listed here.

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