How to Work With Fixtures in Fitnesse

July 27, 2017

Fitnesse tool is another great tool that supports in sprint testing via automation. Use of fixtures to build test inputs and send inputs to the application. Fit provides a great way to communicate between all the stakeholders. This yields a great benefits.
Start using Fitnesse tests to drive development of new user stories. Customers and Business analyst will design the acceptance testing and Automation engineers will provide the fixture or glue codes.
While designing Fitnesse way of developing things use a steal thread approach to make insprint automation.Use of diagram , colorcode can be very good components to make a story live.
 Fit provides three basic fixtures and provides n numbers of other fixtures. They are:

  1. Column fixture mainly used to test calculations
  2. Action fixture mainly used to test user inteface
  3. Row fixtures mainly used to test a collection of domain objects or used to check the result of a query.
Other fixtures are:
  1. Row entry fixture mainly used to test the add operation of data to database or a call function with different inputs.
  2. HTML fixture is used to test and navigate HTML pages 
  3. Table fixture is used to test different entity in a table

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