Are you sure you want to use QTP?

I have seen people going for test automation just because they want to go for this exciting buzzword. To be truthfull i have seen customers are going for this as they wants to certify their product as "Autonatin tested".Now it is in the busket for the vendors....

there are two possible cases..

1. Vendors will automate by anyway.

2. They will leave some testceses as they are not automable.

The scecond scenario will really pathetic.They (the testcases which has been dropped by vendor itself)will be skipped for every scenario / Releases.let me explain why..??

The customer while has given the project said clearly that this has to be automated.The vendors/Testers took the project and billing the cutomer for automation.So in the former stage if it is said"We are unable to automate!!!!!" This will create noice to customer end and vendor may loose the project.On the other hand if that portion is skipped ...this portion will be hidden to cliend....which is again detremental to helth for customer in the later stage.

It is generally realized in the very end that automation has not given intended returns.I would suggest that before even thinking of Automation a thorough study of your application/system/module should be performed.The following types of test cases are preferred (but not limited to) choice for automation:

Tests that need to run for every build. .......In the time of regression the previous releases has to be run.
Tests that use multiple data values for same action. .....This is popularly used ...even data pumping is also an agenda for it.
Identical tests that need to be executed using different browsersThe following types are not
....Browser Compatibility Testing

considered to be the good candidates for automation:

Test Cases that will only be executed once. the entire life time...I have seen printer testing/Even login functionality)
Test Cases used for Ad-hoc/random Testing.
Test Cases that are infrequently selected for execution. (No idea need to ask Ankur on this)
Test Cases that will require manual intervention ie a task not possible to automate.
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