16 Effective Ways To Search In Google or Any Search Engine

1. Use a ToolbarDon't bother typing in google's homepage www.google.com or setting it to ur homepage.Just download the google toolbar[inbuilt in Firefox n Opera].And for Internet Explorer[IE] just log on to toolbar.google.com For Yahoo! search toolbar head to toolbar.yahoo.comtoolbar.yahoo.com

2. Filtering Search ResultsGoogle n Yahoo! don't have parental control, but you can control what u r exposed to!If you don't want obscene images turning up an image search, for example set ur Google preferneces to "use Strict filtering."The google preferences link is to the right of the search bar on www.google.com

3. Excluding Unwanted Results #1The "-" (minus) sign is used to exclude certain words from ur search. If you want to search information abt 5.1 Speaker sets, you'll probably get a lot of results abt other speaker configurations. Instead of "5.1 speakers" try "5.1. speakers -2.1 -3.1 -4.1 -6.1 -7.1".

4. The Use of QuotesUse quotes as often as possible for most relevant results, and for your desired results to appear as high up in the list as possible. For example if u want to know who the Time Man of the year 1990 was, it's better to type in "time's man of the year" in the quotes followed by "1990"(with or without quotes), rather than just "times man of the year 1990" without any quotes!

5. Using the Cached featureIf a result is taking too long to open, and the information you need doesn't relate to time(as in news items), use the "cached" link(if there is one) after the result. This will certainly load, since google n Yahoo! are almost never down!

6. Personalised SearchIf you want ur search to be more n more relevant over time, and if you don't mind google knowing a lot abt you, sign in before your search. The sign-in link is at the top right hand corner of the google homepage, and u'll need to use ur Gmail username n password. From then on until you sign out , Google remembers what you searched for n what u clicked , making it possible to give you more accurate, personaliosed search. Some may be apranoid about google knowing so much abt you, but in some peoples' opinion, "Who cares what a server in California or somewhere knows abt me?" its ur choice...

7. Forget the DictionaryGoogle n replace several other kinds of searches. If you want to know what the time in New York is just now, simply type in "New York time"...Similarly if u wanna kno the difference between the words "Use" n "Usage", u needn't go visit an e-dictionary;Simply type in "use usage" into Google & you'll get results directly from dictionaries n thesarusi! Note that while Google does the Job, Yahoo! won't while MSN brings up the required result second, which is quite nearby there.

8. Force keywordsNot all words mentioned in the Google search bar come up in the search results. This is especially true for searches with many keywords.It suffices to say that it's Google's way of giving you the most relevant results.To force a certain keyword or phrase to be included in the search, use the "+"(plus) sign. For example, Typing in "favourite example hardware sata mouse"(w/out quotes) will bring some results without one or more of those words. If you need the word "example" (which is a common word n hence Google may leave it out) type "favourite+example sata hardware mouse".

9. Excluding Unwanted results #2T
o exclude irrevelant results try using more extra keywords.For e.g. if you want information abt the fruits mango, banana and grapes... you might enter these words in say Yahoo!You'll be amazed to see tht you'll end up with many other fruits in ur results approximately 84,000 results on Yahoo! But typing in "Mangoes apples bananas -pears-grapes-cherries-watermelons-pinapples-litchies-oranges"(without quotes) will bear only 1,100 results!...Ofcourse this is just an example on how u can drastically trim down ur results!

10. Ready InfoGoogle has some hidden gems. Amongst these is information abt people, countries n such.For example if u wanna know when Mozart was born simply type in "Mozart born"{woth or w/out quotes!) and Google will rpesent to u the required birth date.

11. Qucik DefinitionsA very useul command in Google is the"DEFINE" command...If you wanna quickly what electromagnetism is simply type in "define:electromagnetism"

12. Searching within the resultsSome sites have a Google search on their homepage, from where u can search for stuff within that site.You don't need to go to that site to get functionality. Simply add "site:www.examplesite.com" to your search terms, and you'll get results on from "www.examplesite.com". You can also specify the domain such as ".edu" this way "admissions scholarship site:edu"

13. Related SitesYou've probably seen the related "link" after page results in Google. Again you can directly get sites related to a certain sites by typing "related:www.examplesites.com"..for example typing related:www.google.com will fetch you sites like "google.uk, google.in, google.ca" etc

14. Bring up only Certain FiletypesIf you want results of certain filetypes, such as PDF, you can use "filetype:pdf" before you search query.This will ofcourse return u only PDFs.example "filetype:pdf harry potter" will fetch you all PDFs related with Harry Potter.. You can use this for any file types including MP3 , XLS or anything you want.

15. Putting Document titles to use"allintitle" searches for pages that have all your search words in the title of the web page. So if u want sites that have "microsoft" and "knowledge" in the title type in "allintitle:(space) microsoft knowledge"....or even try "allintitle: fun net"..[without quotes]

16. Searching by URLsYou can also search for terms that occur in the URLs of documents. For example, if you want to find the word "mac" in the sites that have "apple"in the URL, where "mac" may or may not be in the URl, use this "inurl:applemac"...the word apple will then be in the URL. Note that there should be no space between "inurl" and "apple".

So Friends Howz This...... Isn't Good ?????? So ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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