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07-Sept-2016- I am not writing on qtp only.Am I?? No...so there is no point I keep the domain as AskQTP.Hence did not renew it. Rather I purchased one more domain which is more generic and suites to my writting style.

 that is http://www.mydigitalvoice.in/. However askqtp is same as mydigitalvoice.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being the proud owner of the blog "www.askqtp.com", I really cherish the moments of gaining popularity of my blog. As the days are passing by, AskQTP is becoming "a must to visit site" for more and more bloggers. And I can feel that by constant increase of page views which has crossed 50000+ on March, 2012. At present, the Facebook like of the blog is 600+ and the blog has 147 dedicated listeners along with 200 tweet followers. As the proverb goes, "with great power comes the great responsibilities", I promise to keep on giving tasty and plenty of food for the readers of AskQTP. It has always been and will always be a pleasure for me to get queries and comments from the readers. So, keep on reading and following AskQTP, and keep on giving your valuable suggestions.

22nd December 2011:
Hello, everyone. From the frequent visits, likes, posts and comments that the blog is getting, I am sure that Ask QTP is becoming popular day by day. It is true as the number of  blog's followers are also increasing at a quite rapid pace. With the increasing need of the daily followers as well as of the random visiters of my blog, I have also tried to accomodate some more features to my blog.
      At present, I not only give easy solutions to Automation Test Engineers' complicated problems but also try to make the seekers get friendly with Java, VB Script by providing them with required codes and tips. I also provide product reviews, job openings, book suggestions and hacking tips. And it is my pleasure to say that my blogs' followers are liking them.
And it is my promise that it is just the begining. Along with the growing needs of the bloggers, Ask QTP will always be upgraded with newer features and yet there are a lot more new things to be added in it. Just keep following and always feel free to give comments and suggestions. Happy Reading.


28th Oct'09
Thank you my fans....it is your blog....and finally i got thr desired no today...50000...I can not express my happiness through words..

Thank you again..

Maman...I will not give thank to you to make this happen..I can still remember your words.."An idea can change your life"---:))

Dont worry i will not disclose the idea...but it was a great idea...
You always inspired me to cross the limit......today i crossed 50000 visitor marks...
My page rank got upgraded to 2.

I am having almost 280 posts in my blog.

1st Feb,2009:
My friends,today is a sur-"prize" day for me....Yes ...within 38 days I got 10,000+ viewers to my portal.I can not express my feelings through words....owsome,fantastic and beyond expectation the way i thought of its popularity.

"Just a great start " as said by "Mani"...Even the advices of motivech inspired me alot.

But this is your portal/common testers portal...so all credit goes to them.Thank you very much for making my blog a huge success.

My Mission is to provide help to Automation Test Engineers
My Vission is to collect or write or reproduce code and upgrade my portal.

Please donate your code for the welfare of automation Testing.


22nd December'2008:

Hi, I’m Animesh and I write askqtp Blog to help Automation Test Engineers and give them free codes . This is the page where I am going to give you most of the testing techniques . I have a 6+ years experience as a Automation Test Engineer and am having expertise in QTP, OATS, Selenium. I work in a MNC. During these days, I have found some of the good blogs written by Mainak, Motevich, Rohit, Ankur to name a few.

But these all are learning blogs. I can really say that I have learnt from their blogs itself. I am attached with several forums like geek interview, sureshkumar's , QA forum etc. Later I found a requirement to write a separate blog which will give a readymade code to the automation test engineers. My goal is to collect/write all codes and provide the same to the Test engineers. 

Please contact me..ani01104@gmail.com
You can donate your code,I will publish with your name.
For Example...HTML report is donated by Nilanjan Islam.
Dear animesh.chatterjee, We are happy to announce Member of the Month for December 2008. The award for Member of the Month - December 2008 goes to srinivasulub1981 and animesh.chatterjee We are also happy to announce the Best Moderator award being given to debasisdas You can view the announcement here http://www.geekinterview.com/blog/me...mber-2008.html Please use contact us form http://www.geekinterview.com/contact.html to send us your address so that we can ship your gift along with the certificate. Regards, Admin

Please Note: Ask QTP is not in any way responsible for any consequences of you applying for a job through the vacancies listed on this site. Please do thorough research before applying. While every care has been taken to avoid mistakes and errors on the web pages,but still  http://www.askqtp.com/  shall not be liable to any person in any manner whatsoever by reason of any error or omission which might have done in unintentionally.
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  1. Good one dude...pls write codes....a nice blog....jus ctrl+C ctrl+V...

  2. What a Blog Ani....it is really helpful..Thanks

  3. good going...i see this as a very popular site in terms of code supply......god bless you and your effort

  4. Hi Animesh,

    Had a glance at it.. Really great initiative. Wish you all the best


  5. Congrats Animesh :)
    I will definitely go through your blog and will let you know my comments. Wish you all the best!!!


  6. Its really helped me, thanks again....keep it up.
    All the best!!!

    Tamojit Maitra


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