How To Enable QTP code to use Microsoft Word Spell Check

The following code shows a function for checking the number of spelling and grammar errors in a string. This function is also used to check the accuracy of a specific property in all the objects of a given application.

Function NumberOfSpellErrors(strText) 
Dim objMsWord 
Set objMsWord = CreateObject("Word.Application") 
objMsWord.WordBasic.Insert strText 
NumberOfSpellErrors = objMsWord.ActiveDocument.SpellingErrors.Count 
objMsWord.Documents.Close (False) 
objMsWord.Quit ' close the application 
Set objMsWord = Nothing' Clear object memory 
End Function 
The following function uses the Spell errors function to check a specific property .Of all the objects with a given description which are under a given parent

Sub CheckAllObjects(ParentObj, ObjDesc, PropName) 
Dim ObjCol, idx, PropValue, OldReportMode 
OldReportMode = Reporter.Filter 
Reporter.Filter = 2 ' Report only errors 
If (IsNull(ParentObj)) Then 
Set ObjCol = Desktop.ChildObjects(ObjDesc) 
Set ObjCol = ParentObj.ChildObjects(ObjDesc) 
End If 
For idx=0 to ObjCol.count-1 
PropValue = ObjCol.Item(idx).GetROProperty(PropName) 
RetVal = NumberOfSpellErrors(PropValue) ' The actual spell check result 
If (RetVal > 0) Then 
ReportText = "Object #" & idx+1 & ": The '" & PropName & "' Property has " & RetVal & " spell errors (" & PropValue & ")" 
Reporter.ReportEvent 1, "Spell Check", ReportText 
End If 
Reporter.Filter = OldReportMode 
End Sub
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