How to Close Oracle Form in QTP??

This is one more situation which arises very common to an ERP test engineers. Most of the time we rely on QTP's record feature. But this is scenario which occurs all most in every window of Oracle ERP Testing.
So instead of doing record playback in every time I tried to use some descriptive approach to make it a general case. So this can be treated as common function across the scenario.This is a code rather sub/procedure where we need to pass the form name as a parameter and this will close the form.

Sub ERP_CloseForm(sFrmName)
If OracleFormWindow("short title:="& sFrmName).Exist Then
OracleFormWindow("short title:="& sFrmName).CloseForm
End If
End Sub

I used this in my project? What about you??
How to Close Oracle Form in QTP?? How to Close Oracle Form in QTP?? Reviewed by Animesh Chatterjee on February 20, 2009 Rating: 5

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