Test script Vs Business Component

Well this is a very popular question asked in different client interview that state the difference between Test script and a Component.Even new test engineers seldom get confused with these terms.

Test Script:
It is a collection of steps may be resides in one action or more than one actions which is used to validate the test flow.This can even be a business flow.
The entire business flow is in one script only.

Challenges with Traditional Automation:
1.Lack of collaboration between SMEs and
2.automation experts
3.Not role-based—too many overlaps in duties
4.Decentralized—inefficient use of resources
5.Lack of standards in automation
6.High maintenance without an intelligent framework

Business Component:
This is a small building block consisting of a single task.A typical business flow is a combination or collection of different business component.
You can say a logical division of a full flow of is one Component.
Structurally, Business Components are similar to reusable functions and actions in QTP

Business Flow=Component1+Component2+......+ComponentN

See the parameters for a component

now each component has it's own input and output.
One component may take the output of another component.
This is typically used with BPT in Mercury (HP) quality center.
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