Win runner Vs Quicktestprofessional

The main difference between win runner and Quicktestprofessional?

1.Data Table integration is much easier and simpler with Quick Test Pro.
2. Shared Object Repository can identify the objects of GUI
3.The result file is very details means it is Detailed Report
4.Quick learning objects can be done with QTP.
5.Data Driven Testing is easier with more options in Quick Test Pro.
6. Parameterization is much easier in Quick Test Pro and basically anything in Quick Test Pro can be parameterized (statements, checkpoints and the Object Repository).
7.The interface is easy to use for QTP.
8.Numerous features are available to QTP than Winrunner.
9.QTP uses a programming language (Microsoft's VBScript)which is widely available and easy to understand.
10.QTP is significantly easier for a non technical person to understand the coding flow and to understand the business flow.
11.Through QTP creation and implementation of Microsoft object Model(DOM,Outlook,Filesystem object,ADO Objects,WSH)
12.QTP supports .net framework and XML but Winrunner 7.5 does not.
13.Connectivity with QC is bit simply.
Even QTP can convert the Win runner script as well.

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