How To Capture Events in QTP?

Enable different Events in QTP :
while creating a dynamic webpage developper must have given few touches of DHTML effect or scripting(Javascript/vbscript). The effect may be few triggers that will invoke something,may be a page loader,may be a color change,may be click event,double click event etc.
Examples of events could be:
A mouse click
A web page or an image loading
Mousing over a hot spot on the web page
Selecting an input box in an HTML form
Submitting an HTML form
A keystroke
Please refer this for more event information.
Now to capture the web events more smoothly QTP has given the below option to the user....

Enable the ondblclick event in the Web Event Recording Configuration
To enable special event handling, use the Web Event Recording Configuration utility.
1. Go to Tools -> Web Event Recording Configuration.

2. Click .
3. Expand the Standard Objects branch.
4. Select the object you want to configure.

5. Go to Event -> Add -> ondblclick. The event will be added to the list on the right.
6. Select "If Handler" in the Listen column.
7. Select "Enabled" in the Record column.

8. Click to close the dialogs.
Follow the steps while you are recording one script.Hope this will help you to capture different kinds of events in a webpage.
Please let me know if this is ok for you.
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  1. will these events also work for window objects?

  2. Not exactly Anshul..for windows Object QTP has different set of actions


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