How to Introduce a New Tool Into an Organization

The main considerations in selecting a tool for an organization include:
o Assessment of organizational maturity, strengths and weaknesses and identification of opportunities for an improved test process supported by tools.
o Evaluation against clear requirements and objective criteria.
o A proof-of-concept to test the required functionality and determine whether the product meetsits objectives.
o Evaluation of the vendor (including training, support and commercial aspects).
o Identification of internal requirements for coaching and mentoring in the use of the tool.
Introducing the selected tool into an organization starts with a pilot project, which has the following

o Learn more detail about the tool.
o Evaluate how the tool fits with existing processes and practices, and determine what would need to change.
o Decide on standard ways of using, managing, storing and maintaining the tool and the test assets (e.g. deciding on naming conventions for files and tests, creating libraries and defining the modularity of test suites).
o Assess whether the benefits will be achieved at reasonable cost.

Success factors for the deployment of the tool within an organization include:

o Rolling out the tool to the rest of the organization incrementally.
o Adapting and improving processes to fit with the use of the tool.
o Providing training and coaching/mentoring for new users.
o Defining usage guidelines.
o Implementing a way to learn lessons from tool use.
o Monitoring tool use and benefits.

(Taken from ISTQB syllabus)
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