What are Static Testing Tools?

Static Testing Tools
Static Testing Tools

Static Testing Tools:

Static testing tools plays a greater role in software development and testing. It was having a higher importance during water fall model of development. Now a days when we are migrating to agile way of developing software, It also shifted left in the model. The business and operation employees take a huge role while testers and developers uses them less. However it is worth to know the Static Testing tool from ISTQB examination standpoint and for knowledge purpose.

Review tools

Review tools (also known as review process support tools) may store information about review processes, store and communicate review comments, report on defects and effort, manage references to review rules and/or checklists and keep track of traceability between documents and source code. They may also provide aid for online reviews, which is useful if the team is geographically dispersed.

Static analysis tools (D)

Static analysis tools support developers, testers and quality assurance personnel in finding defects before dynamic testing. Their major purposes include:

o The enforcement of coding standards.
o The analysis of structures and dependencies (e.g. linked web pages).
o Aiding in understanding the code.Static analysis tools can calculate metrics from the code (e.g. complexity), which can give valuable information, for example, for planning or risk analysis.

Modelling tools (D)

Modelling tools are able to validate models of the software. For example, a database model checker may find defects and inconsistencies in the data model; other modelling tools may find defects in a state model or an object model. These tools can often aid in generating some test cases based on the model (see also Test design tools below).The major benefit of static analysis tools and modelling tools is the cost effectiveness of finding more defects at an earlier time in the development process. As a result, the development process may accelerate and improve by having less rework.
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