Test Execution and Defect Logging Tool

Test execution tools

Test execution tools enable tests to be executed automatically, or semi-automatically, using stored inputs and expected outcomes, through the use of a scripting language. The scripting language makes it possible to manipulate the tests with limited effort, for example, to repeat the test with different data or to test a different part of the system with similar steps. Generally these tools include dynamic comparison features and provide a test log for each test run.Test execution tools can also be used to record tests, when they may be referred to as capture
playback tools. Capturing test inputs during exploratory testing or unscripted testing can be useful in order to reproduce and/or document a test, for example, if a failure occurs.

Performance testing/load testing/stress testing tools
Performance testing tools monitor and report on how a system behaves under a variety of simulated usage conditions. They simulate a load on an application, a database, or a system environment,such as a network or server. The tools are often named after the aspect of performance that they measure, such as load or stress, so are also known as load testing tools or stress testing tools. They are often based on automated repetitive execution of tests, controlled by parameters.

Monitoring tools
Monitoring tools are not strictly testing tools but provide information that can be used for testing purposes and which is not available by other means.Monitoring tools continuously analyze, verify and report on usage of specific system resources, and
give warnings of possible service problems. They store information about the version and build of the software and testware, and enable traceability.
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