Test plan-Test Scenario-Test condition-Test Strategy

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Following are the likely answers that I can think of :

Ans 1)
Test Scenario :

It can be a single test case or collection of test cases or test script.
It is a particular situation that is verified by set of test cases.

Test Condition:

It can be a condition under which the test is performed. The pre-condition that is specified as a part of the test case is also a test condition.

Ans 2)

Test Strategy :

It is the high level description of the testing activities that will be performed in the programme or the organization.

Test Plan :

It is the document that describes the
2) approach of testing
3)resource requirements
4) Entry criteria and Exit Criteria
5) Features that will be tested
6) features that will not be tested
7) Cycles of testing (System, regression, adhoc..etc..)
8) test environment.
9) Risks and the Contingency plan.

This will be usually for a particular release ( in case of iterative development) or Project.

Ans 3)

System Requirement Specification:

A structured collection of information that specifies the requirement of the system.
This is generally done by the Business Analyst. The information that is provided is generally a high level requirement. It is generally from a end
user perspective.

Functional Requirement Specification

This is a much detailed list of the functions that the System is supposed to perform. It will be a good to design this document by the Business
owner, Developer and QA .
It will consist of :Work Flow diagrams, Functions performed in each screen, Compliance requirement, operation of each screen.. etc..

Ans 4)

Testing models .. I suppose this is referring to the SDLC's. In that case, it depends on the product that is being developed.
It can be a Iterative Development.
It can be a W or V model.
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