Advanced Network scripting

An application testing has to be done for Protocol testing, looks for QTP as automation tool for on protocol testing and how it can be tested for different kinds of domain applications like, Mobile application testing, Wireless application testing, VoIP applications, Protocol testing, banking applications and Network testing. For testing the above applications In QTP we use an Object Repository/ Checkpoints / Regular Expression, etc.
Create the script for determines the connection status check.

The script should capture the above components in the non recording mode (do not use the SystemUtil.Run, add the objects manually in object repository and then write the script) and when the user clicks the Inter Protocol, it should enabled the properties which is given in the above screen shots
Check for LAN area connection status properties (connected, not-connected). it should display the Local area connection properties Dialog box and in this dialog box check how many connections are use by the network. As shown in the screen shot. Check for which item it enables the Properties button.
You should Generate an excel sheet with as follows
Connection statusDurationSpeed SendReceivedIP address statusDNS status
Connected21:29100 mbps21201764Enableddisabled
Not ConnectedNo valueNo valueNo valueNo valueDisabledenabled

Connection StatusConnection ItemProperties Button Status
ConnectedDeterministic Network EnhancerDisabled
NWLink NetBIOSDisabled
Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)Enabled
Not ConnectedDeterministic Network EnhancerDisabled
NWLink NetBIOSDisabled
Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)Enabled

If it does not check for the values IP address and DNS server address then use Recovery scenario to handle the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties. Result should show Alert message that the recovery scenario has activated where the trigger event is Object Popup or Test Run Error.
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