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can anyone tell how to change the REQ ID's in QC?
I m having a problem with REQ ID's when I delete any requirement(Lets assume REQ ID:2), that number is not coming again its starting from REQ ID:3 and REQ ID:2 is completely gone. I m unable to use the number again

How to overcome this problem??


You need to reset the sequence value on the Sequences Table for the parameter REQ.

Go to the Site administrator and select the project (that needs Requirement id to reset to 0).Select the Sequences table and paste the below query on the right side of the screen and click on the Execute SQL

Update Sequences set SQ_SEQ_VALUE = 0 where SQ_SEQ_NAME = 'REQ'

Note: make sure you select the correct project on the Site Project tab on your Site administrator to do the update

This is applicable for defects and test tables as well.
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