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A message to all members of Quality Testing

Dear Member,

In October this year, the 8th International Conference on Software QA and Testing on Embedded Systems will take place in Bilbao, Spain.

Attendees that register in the conference being partners of Quality Testing will enjoy a 10% discount in the registration fee!!!

If you have any clarifications, please reach us: contact@qualitytesting.info

About QA & TEST 2009
QA&TEST® is a unique conference and will bring together professionals and experts from different sectors such as: Railways, Aeronautics, Medical Systems, Electronic Devices, Banking, Insurance or Telecommunications.

QA&TEST 2009 is the International Conference on QA and Testing Software for Embedded Systems will hold the 8th edition on 21, 22 and 23 October in Bilbao, Spain.

The Programme of QA&TEST, conformed by 2 tutorials, 3 keynotes and 20 presentations, will join renowned world-wide experts in Testing and QA Software, like Mary Poppendieck, Dr. Bruce Douglass form IBM and Guillaume Brat, form NASA.

QA&TEST® is for decision-makers such as Directors, Programme Managers, Project Managers, as well as Testing Professionals who work in the field of the Software Quality and Testing.

You will find more information about QA&TEST at the official website of the conference: www.qatest.org (or) from QT: www.qualitytesting.info/events/qaptest-2009

Best regards,
Quality Testing Team

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