Sample Scenarios to Automate in QTP

I am publishing set of practice assignments to all who are learning QTP ....
lets try to code...

A window based application which uses Flight reservation system to ensure the flights are displayed correctly.
1. Open Quick Test Professional -> Sample Applications -> Flight
2. Login manually and open the below screen
3. The main Flight Reservation screen will look like:

4. Enter Date of Flight, Fly From, Fly To and Click on Flights Button
5. Parametrize Date of Flight with 10/10/10 and 11/11/11. Please note, don’t give any other dates.
6. Refer the snapshot below for better understanding:

7. You need to ensure the flight list displayed in Flight Table is appropriate based on Fly From and Fly To selection

8. For Ex: The above snapshot displays the list of flights that fly between Denver and Frankfurt on 11/11/11. You need to ensure the same for all combination of cities

9. Expected city code to check in the Flight table list is the first three characters of the selected city. For example if Denver is the city selected, DEN is the expected code to check. Perform all validations accordingly.

10. Report all the deviations neatly (if found) in a external text file. Please note how much ever clarity in your report deviation will carry more weightage of marks.
11. Sample report file attached for your reference

All the best...
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