Steps before you record a Test in QTP

In this phase I am about to explain the record process of any test in QTP.

1. Before you record a test, confirm that your application and Quick Test are compatible to each other.
2. Start QTP Check the required Addin in Add ins manager. Else add those.Like for java application we need to have JAVA addin. While QuickTest loads your selected add-ins, the QuickTest splash screen is displayed. This may take a few seconds. confirm that the Web Add-in is selected, and clear all other add-ins. Click OK to close the Add-in Manager.
3. Make sure the application is ready.i.e.Make sure your application displays elements on which you want to record, such as a toolbar or a special window pane, for example, and that your application options are set as you expect for the purposes of your test.
4. You should also view the settings in the Test Settings dialog box (File > Settings) and the Options dialog box (Tools > Options) to ensure that Quick Test will record and store information correctly.
5. if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, the AutoComplete option is cleared for user names and passwords .
6. Please close all other browsers.
7. If the Welcome window opens, click Blank Test.Otherwise, choose File > New, or click the New button.

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