What Qualifies for Lean project?

I was talking a lot about Lean and Lean Project.But one of my friend asked about this serious question..What Qualifies for Lean project?

Let me tell you what generally qualifies for a lean...

1.Re-usability--if some work is repeatative and can be constructed as a block which can be re usable can be considered as a Lean.

2.Reducing manual job by automation--Yes...if you write a simple macro to automate a manual job that can also be treated as Lean.This is saving time...reduce manual intervention.

3.Rework reduction...again the same..

4.Proactive issue identification & Resolution
5.Automated report/Database preparation
6.Superfluous License/functionality/report elimination
7.Defect elimination at its source
8.Process simplification-
9.Eliminate Non value added steps
9.1 Process Standardization
9.2 Processing logic established- Parallel processing; Sequential processing; batch processing
9.3 Sorting; Prioritization; Visual/audio alert
9.4 Define clear activity & responsibility
10.Extra resource (H/W , People; S/W) avoidance

I hope this hints will help us to motivate ourselves to get more Lean project..Lean certified.
Pls. let me know if this is ok for you to understand how you can get more leans.
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