Practise Test in Quick Test Professional

The readily available application to test the coding skill or rather to practise on QTP is flight reservation. This post is for those (especially Tam) who are new to QTP world.

If you see Flight Reservation , the first module will be Ticket Booking or Insert Order.
The practise set can be the following scenarios.....

1.To verify if it is possible to set different combination of cities.
2. The same city can not be in set as TO and FROM
3. All Checkboxe's condition (if it is enabled/disabled while starting the test and ending the test...will be very good if you use state change)
4. Check what is the max no of ticket that can be bought from the system
5.Check the Order no box while creating an order.
6.Open the Order no in From Search window.

6 scenarios can be coded.Please comment the reply.If you have any question please ask me on that.
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