QTP certification Questions

Few days back I got a question like how the QTP exam can be given from India . As it is extremely expensive from out side India.
Please visit the below written sites for further details.
  • http://www.learnqtp.com/details-on-qtp-certification/
  • http://www.learnqtp.com/certification/
  • http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/hp-qtp-certification-exam-guide/
  • http://www.guru99.com/qtp-quality-center-certification-details.html

Another way:
2. There are few pro metric centers available in India. They use to organize exams for QTP.You can have a look on their site and price details.They are not that much expensive.

Good luck for the exam.
Btw ...I am going to publish different questions on QTP.You can have a look for the same.
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