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Exam : CompTIA 220-602 Title : CompTIA A+ 220-602 Exam (IT Technician designation pathway) Version : Demo Cheat-Test,help you pass any IT exam!

1. A technician installs a SATA controller card and moves the hard drive cable from the system board to the SATA controller. The system POSTs and the controller BIOS recognizes the hard drive but does not boot to the hard drive and start Windows. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem? A. Windows cannot be booted from a controller card. B. The hard drive must have Windows reinstalled because a new controller card was installed. C. The SATA controller card was not set as a boot device in the computer BIOS. D. The new controller must have the correct jumper settings for Windows mode. Cheat-Test.com Answer: C 2. Which of the following IEEE standards applies to parallel data transmission? A. IEEE 1394 B. IEEE 802.3 C. IEEE 802.11 D. IEEE 1284 Cheat-Test.com Answer: D 3. After rightclicking on an applications shortcut icon and selecting Properties, which of the following will identify the location of the application? A. Start In B. Location C. Shortcut key D. Run Cheat-Test.com Answer: A 4. Making data appear to come from somewhere other than the originating point is known as: A. social engineering. B. spoofing. C. hacking. D. cracking. Cheat-Test.com Answer: B 5. Which of the following can be used to prepare a disk image for duplication? A. Copy B. sysprep C. xcopy D. Shadow copy Cheat-Test.com Answer: B Cheat-Test.com All rights reserved

6. Which of the following should a technician do FIRST to troubleshoot a users network connectivity problem? A. Run TRACERT from the users workstation. B. Start with the Last Known Good Configuration and reboot the computer. C. Replace the network interface card (NIC). D. PING the users workstation. Cheat-Test.com Answer: D 7. Which of the following statements about cooling is true? A. Adapter cards (e.g. modems) do not add to the heat generated in a computer case. B. Bus mastering reduces the amount of heat generated inside a computer case. C. Removing expansion slot covers can compromise cooling airflow design. D. Periodic cleaning of the computer components inside the case has no effect on cooling efficiency. Cheat-Test.com Answer: C 8. A technician accesses a corporate users hard drive and notices that there are inappropriate images in their My Documents folder. Accessing this kind of material is a clear violation of company policy. Which of the following should the technician do? A. Confront the user and tell them to remove the material. B. Backup the files and delete them from the users folder. C. Inquire with the manager about policies and procedures. D. Ignore the files, this is the users personal documents folder. Cheat-Test.com Answer: C 9. When a technician is moving a CRT monitor to another location, the monitor falls and breaks. Which of the following is the BEST way for a technician to clean up after this accident? A. Use gloves and a broom to sweep the glass and debris into a rigid container. B. Use a bucket of warm water and bleach to wash away loose debris before placing the glass in a trash can. C. Individually pick up the glass and place into a plastic bag, do not sweep as this may cause dust to become airborne. D. Use latex surgical gloves to place the glass into a plastic bag, sealing the bag after. Cheat-Test.com Answer: A 10. A client has been unable to fix corruption of system files and does not have a backup or an Automated System Recovery (ASR) disk. Which of the following is the BEST action to take next? A. Copy the missing file from another computer and reboot. B. Execute a Windows repair from the Windows setup media. C. Boot into the Recovery Console and execute FIXBOOT. D. Reboot and press the F2 key when prompted. Cheat-Test.com Answer: B Cheat-Test.com All rights reserved

11. A technician deploys a computer in a public library and wants to give the ability for a user without an account to use the computer with limited permission. Which of the following accounts would the technician setup? A. Guest user account B. Limited user account C. Power user account D. Administrator user account Cheat-Test.com Answer: A 12. A client has called with concerns that their computer problem has not been resolved by the onsite technician who has left. As the technicians supervisor, which of the following is the BEST course of action in this situation? A. Tell the client that they will need to place another service call. B. Ask the client if they would like to discuss their computer problems in more detail. C. Tell the client that another technician will be sent out. D. Inform the client that the problem will be resolved by the onsite technician at another time. Cheat-Test.com Answer: B 13. A technician cannot connect using Remote Desktop. Which of the following ports needs to be allowed in the firewall? A. 23 B. 443 C. 8080 D. 3389 Cheat-Test.com Answer: D 14. In which of the following scenarios would MAC filtering be MOST effective as a part of wireless security? A. A public place where guests are free to access the wireless network. B. A small office where a defined number of specific wireless devices are used. C. A meeting room where various company users will access the wireless network during meetings. D. An office where some users are unable to use WPA encryption due to older wireless cards so they use MAC filtering. Cheat-Test.com Answer: B 15. Which of the following is the BEST solution for repairing a hard drive that results in the Could not read from selected boot disk display upon booting? A. Use recovery console and the bootcfg /rebuild command. B. Use recovery console and the chkdsk command. C. Use recovery console and the fixboot command. D. Use recovery console and the fixmbr command. Cheat-Test.com Answer: A Cheat-Test.com All rights reserved

16. The new security feature in Vista that prevents programs from running with escalated privileges is called: A. User Account Control (UAC). B. Windows Sidebar. C. Windows Defender. D. Aero Interface. Cheat-Test.com Answer: A 17. Which of the following utilities can be used to determine the current partition information on an attached storage device? A. Add Hardware Wizard B. Device Manager C. Disk Management D. Control Panel Cheat-Test.com Answer: C 18. A customer reports that their sound is not working. They state that the speakers worked previously. Which of the following should the technician check? (Select THREE). A. Speakers are in regulatory compliance. B. Speakers are on and the mute is off. C. Ensure the speakers are on the Windows HCL. D. Verify the system has enough hard drive space. E. The audio driver is installed correctly. F. Speakers are plugged into the correct jack. Cheat-Test.com Answer: B, E, F 19. A technician is attempting to get into the BIOS and they are being prompted for a password. Which of the following can clear the BIOS password? (Select TWO). A. Pull the CMOS battery. B. Pull the 20/24 pin connector from the main board. C. Short the reset circuit near the RAM. D. Use the appropriate jumper on main board. E. Use the reset button on the front panel. Cheat-Test.com Answer: A, D 20. Shortly after the Press CtrlAltDelete to login screen appears in Windows XP, a user gets the error One or more services failed to start. Which of the following locations could be accessed to identify the service that did not start and attempt to start the service manually? (Select TWO). A. Computer Management B. Services MMC Plugin C. Event Log D. Task Manager E. System Configuration Utility Cheat-Test.com Answer: A, B Cheat-Test.com All rights reserved

21. A user states while saving files on the hard disk some of the data is inaccessible. The technician suspects a hard disk problem. Which of the following Windows utilities should be used to confirm hard disk issues? A. chkdsk B. dir C. diskpart D. format Cheat-Test.com Answer: A 22. Which of the following directory paths is the default profile folder for User1 in Windows 2000? A. C:UsersUser1 B. C:User1 C. C:Documents and SettingsUsersUser1 D. C:Documents and SettingsUser1 Cheat-Test.com Answer: D 23. The fan on a power supply has stopped spinning completely due to dust collection. Which of the following is the BEST way for a technician to correct this issue? A. Open the power supply and replace the fan. B. Supplement with additional case fans. C. Use a screwdriver to move the fan blades. D. Remove and replace the power supply. Cheat-Test.com Answer: D 24. Which of the following would have to be disabled on a PC if a user wants to assign a static IP address on that PC? A. SSID B. MAC filtering C. DHCP D. DNS Cheat-Test.com Answer: C 25. A user gets an error that the SQL service is not started. Which of the following can the technician do to start the service? (Select TWO). A. Start>Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Scheduled Tasks>Services>Start B. Control Panel>System>Advanced Tab>Startup and Recovery>Settings>Automatically Restart in System Startup C. Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services>SQL service>start D. Run prompt, type msconfig>Startup Tab>enable the SQL application to start E. My Computer>Manage>Services and Applications>Services>SQL service>start Cheat-Test.com Answer: C, E Cheat-Test.com All rights reserved

26. A remote user is attempting to install a new external storage device on their computer. The user reports they only have one port open on the back of the device and the port is similar to the USB port their mouse is connected to. The port has a bevel on one side and is slightly larger than the USB port. Which of the following connector types is MOST likely being described? A. IEEE 1394 B. USB 2.0 C. PCMCIA D. Parallel Cheat-Test.com Answer: A 27. A printer is suddenly not printing using Windows XP. Which of the following is the BEST procedure to get the printing restarted? A. Delete the printer drivers and restart the spooler service. B. Examine the print queue, stop and then restart the spooler service. C. Examine printer and faxes folder and check event log then start spooler service. D. Delete the printer drivers, then delete and reload spooler service. Cheat-Test.com Answer: B 28. A technician purchases and installs a replacement motherboard for an older system. Which of the following should the technician do after the installation? A. Install Windows. B. Update firmware. C. Apply Windows updates. D. Update the power supply. Cheat-Test.com Answer: B 29. A user reports that they cannot access a file on the local D drive of their PC. This is a nonsystem/ Nonboot drive. The technician needs to run chkdsk without rebooting the system. Which of the following methods will meet this goal? A. From the command line, run chkdsk utilizing the /f switch. B. From the command line, run chkdsk utilizing the /x switch. C. Use the diskpart utility with the select option. D. Use the Disk Management console to dismount the D drive and run chkdsk. Cheat-Test.com Answer: B 30. Which of the following cable types is required at minimum, to support a 10/100/1000BaseT SOHO LAN? A. CAT3 B. CAT5e C. CAT1 D. CAT5 Cheat-Test.com Answer: B Cheat-Test.com All rights reserved

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