compare Excell sheet through QTP

'The CompareSheets method compares between two sheets.

'if there is a difference between the two sheets then the value in the second sheet
'will be changed to red and contain the string:
'"Compare conflict - Value was 'Value2', Expected value is 'value2'"
'sheet1, sheet2 - the excel sheets to be compared
'startColumn - the column to start comparing in the two sheets
'numberOfColumns - the number of columns to be compared
'startRow - the row to start comparing in the two sheets
'numberOfRows - the number of rows to be compared
Function CompareSheets(sheet1, sheet2, startColumn, numberOfColumns, startRow, numberOfRows, trimed) 'As Boolean
Dim returnVal 'As Boolean
returnVal = True
'In case that one of the sheets doesn't exists, don't continue the process
If sheet1 Is Nothing Or sheet2 Is Nothing Then
CompareSheets = False
Exit Function
End If
'loop through the table and fill values into the two worksheets
For r = startRow to (startRow + (numberOfRows - 1))
For c = startColumn to (startColumn + (numberOfColumns - 1))
Value1 = sheet1.Cells(r, c)
Value2 = sheet2.Cells(r, c)
'if 'trimed' equels True then used would like to ignore blank spaces
If trimed Then
Value1 = Trim(Value1)
Value2 = Trim(Value2)
End If
'in case that the values of a cell are not equel in the two worksheets
'create an indicator that the values are not equel and set return value
'to False
If Value1 <> Value2 Then
Dim cell 'As Excel.Range
sheet2.Cells(r, c) = "Compare conflict - Value was '" & Value2 & "', Expected value is '" & Value1 & "'."
Set cell = sheet2.Cells(r, c)
cell.Font.Color = vbRed
returnVal = False
End If
CompareSheets = returnVal
End Function
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