11 Free Cross Browser Testing Tools

Cross Browser Free Testing Tools
Cross Browser Free Testing Tools

Cross Browser Free Testing Tools:

Testing applications in different browsers to check the compatibility is termed as Cross Browser Testing. 
Here are 

This is free in nature. The paid service is available . But the free service is also satisfactory. It provides screen shots of a page from just about any browser from all of the common operating systems. All you have to do is enter your URL and select the browsers and operating systems that you want to test.

Browser Sandbox
The main advantage is without  installing any Browser...User can test and check the page in all browsers in working condition. They will open up in front of Users. It will not provide any screenshot.

This is a paid service. But The charges are very nominal. It provides verious support for different testing on browsers.It will give you the screensshots for different Browser along with Different OS combination.
There is also a device capture option for working with Blackberry and PDAs. The Remote Access service will test JavaScript DHTML, forms and other dynamic functionality on any platform.It provides 24 hours trail as well.


This is also a paid service. But once user signs up ...It gives the user 5 minutes free session to do anything with this.
The main advantage of using this tool is to select machine ( There are several configuration machines available) of your choice and select OS and browser on that machine . You can have a look how they will performm in reality.Java based Applet or a VNC can be used to connect to this tool. Again the best part of this tool that it provides solution also along with the screenshot.

The net Mechanic is a paid service . It is also having the feature of different OS...Different browsers .
The unique feature available to this site is that you can test in different resolutions. The charges starts from $15 .

I have not used this tool much....rather they are new to this service . They provide 7 days trial for free and rest is chargeable.It gives you a record run facility . The browsers supported by this tool are:

  • Internet Explorer (6, 7 & 8)
  • Firefox (2.0, 3.0 & 3.5)
  • Safari (3.2 & 4.0)
  • Google Chrome (2.0 & 3.0)
  • Opera (9.6 & 10.0)

The record and run facility can be further customized by modifying the code. There are test schedules which is another best feature.The Report out feature is also very catchy.


This is a free downloadable windows programme which will give acess to all browsers It is having different IE version .and can be tested side by side.
Again this is free.

This tool is for newly launched Safari and Mac OS.It provides the screenshot for different OS with changable resolution.This also helps in indepth testing . But that feature is chargable.
This is a free tool for getting screen shots from websites in Internet Explorer. It’s very simple, just enter a URL and in a moment your screen shot will appear.

This is new to the market but gained significantly marketshare within a few span of time. The free version is limited to IE-7 and Firefox-2.The good point is that the paid service is more robust. The testing can be done on more browsers and email clients.

Price starts with $49 for a single user .

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