Retesting and regression testing difference

Well we generally get confussed by this two terms Retesting and Regression Testing. Few of us think that both are same. By the term retesting they mean that we need to test the same application again and for regression again we need to test end to end.
Retesting: It is a type of testing after bug fix.Say testers raise few defects for a build.Now developpers will fix those bugs and will give testers to test the application.This time testing team will evalute the bug fixes. So they will go through all defects and check if these are really fixed or not.If the defect is fixed then tester should close this defect else it will be reopen state and assign back to the developpers.
This process is called Retesting.

Regression Testing:  Now think about this scenario, when developpers are fixing any defects or modifying codes , Testers need to make sure that due this enhancement there is no harm impact happened on the application.Say changing code somewhere impacts other location.So those testcases which are passed previously began to fail and lead appliction to a serious failure.To prevent this after modification Testers suppose to test the entire application end to end to check the integrity of the application.
This is called regression Testing.
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