How to work with QTP

How to work with QTP is a systematic process. Lets us go through one by one....

a) Analyzing the application.............In this phase we check what kind of application on which tests needs to be performed. If required we need to add the addins or we need to buy the add ins.

b) Selecting Areas/Test Cases for Automation ....After successful pass of step-a we will identify the manual testcases or the scenarios that we can automate. We can not automate 100% of the application in general.
c) Planning (Effort estimation, Schedule, Work allocation and Automation Framework implementation)........  After step-b we will do a effort estimation for Step-b. We will also consider the schedule,framework efforet in this phase.QTP records raw lines of codes.So transferring those from code to framework or add to existing framework is an effort.In the last phase we will identify the team members and allocate them the work.
d) Creating Generic and project specific functions....While recording we might get some generic function like button is common to all the window/pages...this can a be a good trics to write a small function on button press and can reuse them.Or we might get a new flow which is very specific to a business.

e) Creating required Automation resources (Functions, Object repository Files, Environment variable files---etc).........  This is as per organization test strategy.If test strategy says we need to do record playback then it is ok to record and store objects in object repository or else we will go descriptive programming.

f) Creating Tests (Using Object Repository or Descriptive Programming)...This is what i covered in step-e
g) Enhancing Tests...(Inserting Checkpoints, Output Values, Transaction points, Flow Control Statements, Synchronization, Parameterization---etc )
In this phase we need to create some validation points.

h) Debugging and running tests(Individual test execution, Test Batch execution --etc)
After enhancing the test , now , we need to check, if , it is working fine. or else we need to debug the script. Now we need to run the test.

i) Defining and exporting test results:
Now after the runing of the test we need to collect the test results.
j) Analyzing results:  In this phase we analyze the test results. the passes and fails.
k) Test reporting:  In this phase we report as per SLA criteria.
l) Defect Reporting using companies defect management system.:  In this phase ,we log defects in defect management system like-excel,bugzilla,QC etc.
m) Modifying tests:   After the defect fix or a case of new build we generally modify our tests.Why it is required??? just to save ourselves from pesticide paradox.
n) Performing re and regression testing ---etc   In This phase we generally run performance and regression testing again.
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  1. Sourav MukhopadhyayAugust 28, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    Its really helpful animesh for me.

  2. Sourav MukhopadhyayAugust 29, 2010 at 11:01 PM

    Hi Animesh,
    While recoding in QTP do we need to use any particular browser or we can use any type of browser?

  3. :

    Astra QuickTest 5.5 and QuickTest Professional 5.5
    Internet Explorer: 4.01 - Internet Explorer 6.0 (with patch)
    Netscape: 4.07 - 4.77, 6.0, 6.01
    AOL: 5.0 and 6.0

    Astra QuickTest 5.6 and QuickTest Professional 5.6
    Internet Explorer: 5.0 - 6.0
    Netscape Navigator 4.06 and later
    Netscape 6.1
    AOL: 5.0 and 6.0

    Astra QuickTest 6.0 and QuickTest Professional 6.0
    Internet Explorer: 5.0 - 6.0
    Netscape Navigator 4.06 - 4.7x
    Netscape 6.1, Netscape 6.22, and Netscape 6.23
    AOL 5.0 and 6.0

    QuickTest Professional 6.5
    Internet Explorer: 5.01 - 6.0
    Netscape Navigator 4.06 - 4.7x
    Netscape 6.1, Netscape 6.22, and Netscape 6.23
    AOL 5.0 and 6.0

    Netscape 7.02 is supported by QuickTest Professional 6.5 with a patch. For more information, please refer to Problem ID 27673 - Does QuickTest Professional support Netscape 7.02.

    If you are using a different version of Astra QuickTest or QuickTest Professional, you can find information on the supported browsers in the Astra QuickTest Readme file in the Supported Environments section.

    QuickTest Professional 8.x
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 - 6.0
    Netscape 6.1, Netscape 6.22, Netscape 6.23, Netscape 7.02, and Netscape 7.1 AOL 8.0 and 9.0

    Taken from


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